๐Ÿค– Architecture

How we Render Robust Architecture and Innovative Features

How is Mobyโ€™s Architecture Designed?

Moby is an on-chain options DEX featuring an oracle-based liquidity pool powered by its pioneering Synchronized Liquidity Engine (SLE).

LPs provide liquidity to one of Mobyโ€™s Option Liquidity Pools (OLPs), which is then mobilized to act as the counterparty for traders who open positions on the platform. For every position initiated by traders, an OLP effectively takes on the exact opposite position, ensuring a balanced and dynamic trading ecosystem.

As a reward for LPsโ€™ contribution to providing liquidity into Mobyโ€™s OLPs, LPs are entitled to share a portion of the fee revenue and spread (risk premium) generated on Moby. This structure not only incentivizes the provision of abundant liquidity but also stabilizes the platform's financial ecosystem, promoting a robust trading environment for on-chain options.

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