Even Higher Capital Efficiency with Clearing House

Quick Glossary Before You Read

  • Payoff: The sum payable by the Settlement Contract to the holder of a Long position at the settlement of a particular options position

  • Max Payoff: The maximum payout achievable for a specific options position upon its settlement after expiration

What is Clearing House?

  • Moby's Clearing House operates akin to TradFi institutions, facilitating netting processes that improve OLPs Asset Utility Ratio

  • With Clearing House, Mobyโ€™s OLPs can theoretically achieve unlimited growth in capital efficiency

Why is Clearing House Important?

  • Because Options Position Tokens issued on Moby are fully collateralized, OLPs entering short positions are required to maintain collateral up to Max Payoff until they are settled

  • It is thus crucial for OLPs to effectively manage collateral requirements to enhance capital efficiency and thereby generate additional sources of income

How does Clearing House Work?

  • In cases where an OLP has both Long and Short positions in the same options against different traders, these can be netted to reduce the Max Payoff to zero effectively

  • The netting process is initiated by the Clearing House, prompting the OLP to identify Long and Short Options Position Tokens with matching expiration dates and strike prices in their portfolio

  • Identified matching pairs are burned and OLPs are allowed to reclaim the assets held as collateral, minus any fees owed to the Clearing House

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