Guaranteed Settlement

Settlement Issues are Prevalent throughout Existing Protocols

  • Numerous exchanges offering leverage on futures and options frequently struggle to satisfy settlement demands during significant market fluctuations or when traders collectively achieve substantial profits

  • These situations pose a risk to the platforms' financial stability and dependability, often due to insufficient reserves or inadequate infrastructure to handle payouts in extreme market conditions

  • Protocols can adopt a 100% collateralization model to guarantee settlement, but such method requires substantial capital from LPs and thereby lead to critical capital inefficiency

Moby Provides 100% Collateralization for 100% Settlement

  • Moby guarantees maximum profit settlements for traders by issuing options backed with 100% collateral at the point of issuance, ensuring each option is fully collateralized

  • This approach guarantees that all options are fully backed by collateral, effectively eliminating the risk of settlement failure and providing a secure and reliable trading environment for traders

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