0DTE Options

Open Positions

  1. Click “0DTE” to trade options (Enjoy high leverage and narrow spreads with no Liquidation)

  2. Select underlying asset between BTC and ETH

  3. Click “Chart” to trade options

  4. Choose amount of options to “Buy”

  5. Click “Buy” to buy Options (It may take a few seconds due to orders being queued before execution)

💡Note: For each selected price prediction, matched options with the maximum ROI are offered. If no options meet these criteria, options cannot be purchased on the 0DTE graph. This can occur during rapid market fluctuations followed by a 'Spike Demand'.

(Separately, you can still trade options freely on the Trading tab.)

Manage Positions

  1. Manage positions by closing any time before expiry or settling upon expiry (In “Open Positions,” you can check your open positions, including the quantity, PnL, and ROI)

  2. Click “Close” to closing options position (For option positions that have expired, Click “Settle” to settlement)

  3. Finalize decision (May take a few seconds due to orders being queued before being executed)

💡Note: This market leverages Moby’s existing trading infrastructure, allowing users to close positions anytime or wait until expiry.

💡Note: By clicking the Share button next to the Close button, you can use Moby’s various attractive 'Profit Sharing Cards.’

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