Engagement Programs

Moby will provide year-long user engagement programs to welcome users, partners, and developers.

For more information on each program, please read below:

Points Program

The Points Program is designed to provide points for users who actively engage with Moby;

Accumulated Points will be convertible for exclusive rewards and benefits for users.

The following attributes may positively contribute to receiving more points:

  • High notional trade volume

  • High trade fees and spreads paid

  • Considerable amount and long duration of liquidity provision

  • Relative ranking of accumulated points compared to other users

Referral Program

The Referral Program is designed in a way such that the activities of the Referrer and the Referee lead to mutual point accumulation:

  • Referrers receive rewards based on the activities of the Referee who uses their referral code

  • Referees enjoy exclusive advantages for using the referral code of a reputable Referrer

Community Activation Program

The Community Activation Program will function to foster the development of online community activities such as bug bounties and social activities.

Partnership Programs

The Partnership Program will focus on Mobyโ€™s strategic alignment with services, institutions, and organizations willing to build the next DeFi narrative together.

Contact: team@moby.trade

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