What is Moby?

Moby is an on-chain options protocol to lead the next narrative for DeFi with real-time accurate pricing, narrowest spread, abundant liquidity, and Robinhood-class UI/UX.

  • Based on newly pioneered SLE (Synchronized Liquidity Engine) as counterparty to traders, offering all options positions โ€” regardless of size or direction

  • Accurate options pricing based on real-time market IV and Futures data

  • Dynamic Risk Premium Model based on LPs' real time Greeks risk (Delta, Theta, Vega) to provide narrow spread

  • Tokenized options positions as foundational infrastructure for integration with other DeFi services, RWA, and structured products

  • TradFi style infra (Prime Brokerage, Clearing House) to boost capital efficiency

Which chain is Moby on?

Moby is on Arbitrum Devnet and will be deployed to Arbitrum One (Mainnet) by 1Q 2024.

What are the liquidity pools on Moby?
  • Short-term: Expiries with 0DTE and 1DTE options / High Risk High Reward

  • Mid-term: Expiries with near-week and near-month options / Medium Risk Medium Reward

  • Long-term: Expiries with more than near-month options / Low Risk Low Reward

Note: Long-term OLP will be added soon.

What is Moby's fee structure?

Moby incurs fees from multiple sources: OLP Token Minting/Burning Fees, OLP Position Token Trading Fees, and Clearing House Fees.

If you need more detailed information, please refer to the 'FEE STRUCTURE' category in the documentation.

Does Moby have a token?

Yes, Moby will generate governance tokens soon.

Moby governance token holders will benefit from 30% of Moby's revenue incurred from trading fees, risk premium, and other sources.

More tokenomics will be updated along the road. Please follow our communication channels for updates:

Discord: https://discord.gg/neJMg9P4Ps

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Moby_trade

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