Fee Distribution

Fees generated by Moby are distributed according to the following ratios. The distributed fees within Moby are linearly allocated to respective stakeholders over 7 days.

OLP Liquidity Provider : 50%

Governance Token Staking Pool : 30%

Moby Treasury : 20%

Liquidity Provider (50%)

50% of fee goes to Liquidity Providers as a reward for injecting liquidity. Position Neutral Fees are paid as a claimable form of compensation. Risk Premiums from Position Related Fees are directly included in OLP.

Governance Token (30%)

30% of fee is given as a Staking Reward to Governance Token holders.

Treasury (20%)

20% of fee is used to compensate third-party entities that perform tasks which contribute to the overall expansion, operation, and development of Moby. Such tasks may include, but are not limited to, marketing, management of Risk Manager, and development of Data Feed or Pricer.

Additionally, 10% of the Treasury is allocated to the Insurance Fund, which will be utilized to protect the funds of OLP in the event of extreme cases.

Fees related to the Clearing House and Prime Brokerage will be updated as the features are introduced.

Clearing House Fees

  • Clearing Fee

  • Binding Fee

Prime Brokerage Fees

  • Borrowing Fee

  • Liquidation Fee

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