Upcoming Features

Prime Brokerage

Prime Brokerage functions as a separate, exclusive pool apart from OLPs, catering to traders seeking increased leverage without impacting Moby’s commitment to guaranteed settlement.

The introduction of the Cross Margin Trading function in conjunction with Prime Brokerage is projected to significantly improve traders' capital efficiency and broaden their trading strategies.

Options with Diversified Underlying Assets

Moby is set to introduce new instruments in the form of Combo Options for altcoins that exhibit a reasonable level of volatility, which will benefit all participants on Moby:

  • Traders will have the opportunity to invest in higher volatility

  • LPs can generate higher returns by providing liquidity for altcoin options pools

  • Teams / Foundations can secure additional revenue by issuing call options against their tokens

In the long term, Moby plans to introduce a separate OLP to open an options market for pre-listed assets to nurture significant interest from a broader community.

Ultra Short Term Options

Utilizing real-time charts, Moby plans to introduce options with short expiration intervals of 2, 5, and 10 minutes, fostering an immersive trading environment.

Moby also aims to transform the options trading experience into content suitable for retail traders and Key Opinion Leaders.

Scaling to Other Asset Types and DeFi Services

Over the long term, Moby plans to diversify its product range by exploring the introduction of various market options, such as Structured Options, Digital Options, Perpetual Options, and exotic options, including Hashrate and Interest Rate options.

Effective Position Control with Position Manager

What is a Position Manager?

Position Manager is a utility designed for options traders to simulate various scenarios for their existing or prospective options positions.

Position Manager will factor in changes in DTE, price variations of the underlying asset, and shifts in IV to enable traders to effectively assess their position’s Greeks Risk, P&L, and ROI, among other key metrics.

What Features will Position Manager Provide?

Position Manager is a convenient feature provided by Moby for traders engaging in options trading.

Within Position Manager, traders can simulate various scenarios for their existing or potential options positions. This includes evaluating Greeks Risk, P&L, ROI, and other metrics based on changes in DTE, variations of underlying asset price, and fluctuations in implied volatility.

Options Position Simulation

  • Traders can conduct simulations for BTC and ETH options positions

  • Through the "Add Position" button, traders can add various option positions for both Call and Put options, considering different expiries and strike prices in the Simulation Group Table

Simulation Group Table

  • The table consists of multiple Simulation Groups, and traders have the flexibility to add as many Simulation Groups as desired

  • Each Simulation Group contains the added options positions, and for each of these positions, information such as Options Price, Implied Volatility, Expected ROI, P&L, and Greeks Risk is provided

Simulation Group Comparison

  • At the bottom, a summary table and a P&L probability chart are provided to compare up to 3 simulation groups

  • The summary table clearly compares P&L, ROI, and Greeks Risk among the Simulation Groups

  • The P&L probability chart allows traders to simulate various scenarios by adjusting factors such as DTE, Implied Volatility, and Asset Price Changes

  • This chart visually illustrates how the P&L curve of each Simulation Group evolves based on different parameters

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