Moby’s Governance Model set Towards Gradual Decentralization

Upon launch, Moby’s primary functions will be managed by the development team for quality assurance and swift improvement purposes. However, Moby will gradually transition towards welcoming an inclusive governance model to uphold decentralized finance's values.

For instance, Moby will transform into an on-chain options protocol whereby any participant can list new options, provide liquidity, calculate options pricing, and conduct risk management.

In the long run, Moby envisions itself as the leading options protocol, actively responding to the evolving needs of the market and community. It plans to achieve this by introducing new forms of on-chain options, other derivatives, and structured products in a decentralized manner, thereby shaping the future of decentralized finance.

Possible Areas for Decentralized Governance

As part of Moby's movement towards decentralized governance, external parties may assume responsibility for the following tasks in the future:

  • Specifying criteria for options newly listed on Moby, covering aspects such as their underlying asset, strike price, and expiration date

  • Defining parameters for upcoming liquidity pools on Moby, detailing asset categories, and their respective weightings

  • Deriving options price and assessing their risk premiums

  • Providing real-time, market-synced data including the Futures Index, Spot Index, and the IV Curve

The gradual decentralization of Moby’s core functions is not just a process but a journey toward a more open, transparent, and resilient protocol. This shift is designed to encourage wider participation and align with the broader interests of the community and market participants, fostering a more dynamic and inclusive ecosystem.

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