Moby's testnet version will operate on the Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet all year. This approach invites current and prospective users to explore on-chain options, familiarize themselves with new features, and engage with our broader community.

Below are a couple of use cases for trying out Moby’s testnet version:

Internal Testing Before New Feature

Driven by the ambition to pioneer the next narrative for DeFi, Moby is committed to continuously developing and refining new features to engage traders and LPs. While innovation remains a cornerstone of our strategy, the accuracy of our models and the seamless, secure operation of these features are our top priorities.

Consequently, before launching new features on Moby's mainnet version, we introduce them on our testnet to thoroughly test functionality, performance, and security. Throughout this process, we invite and value user feedback to enhance Moby.

For Users to Try Out with Mock (Testnet) Assets

DeFi invites investment for liquidity or trading, often presenting a steep learning curve, especially with on-chain options. Moby’s testnet is accessible for all and aims to enhance understanding of on-chain options and how Moby’s key features function to provide a learning experience to every user.

From time to time, Moby is set to open mock trading competitions on its testnet to not only reward users who commit to learning but also promote an educational DeFi community experience.

Try out Moby’s testnet version now:

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